About Us

What started off as a small hobby,
turned into an amazing family business.

Tim and Karen Watters open the Bellaire Smokehouse in October of 1998. Tim wanted to provide an authentic
smoked product using a wood fire, so he had a cement smoker built. Wanting to start small they
converted a portion of the two car garage into a store, and they converted the back porch into a
prep area.

During the early years the store was manned by Tim and Karen, with some help from the
grandchildren who are willing to work for jerky or whitefish pate.

It didn’t take long for the Bellaire Smokehouse to become a tourist stop. Over the next few years
the store would go through a number of expansions to meet the growing demand. The space
went from a small section of a two car garage to taking over the entire area. With the added
space and demand product selection expanded as well.

Tim was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, passing in 2016. The family pulled together to keep the
store going, son Jeff left his job and joined the team full time. Kyle had been watching over the
years and picked up what he needed so he was able to continue smoking, cutting meat. There was definitely some learning happening those first couple years after Tim’s
passing, but things have come a long way.

Karen continues to run the store just as she had. Some of the offerings changed over the years,
more wine less beer. The store has adapted to the needs of locals and visitors, offering a variety
of fresh and smoked meats, cheese, of course whitefish pate and the occasional make and take
dinner to go.

We look forward to being around and serving our community for many years to come.